Let the accidental blogging begin…

Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has a blog. Blogging has made it easier for people to communicate with each other, or with the world. Everyone has ideas, and blogs allow people to get down those ideas, and share them, or not.  Some may chose their blogs to stay private, or unknown, or anonymous, but the point is to get thoughts down, and to be as honest as possible about them. Blogs often become more than just an easy way to communicate; they become a way to reflect on life or works of art, and I want in on the action.

I’m joining the blogging world a bit late in the game. I never had anything remotely interesting to blog about, and the thought of sharing my writing with the world was terrifying. So why me, and why now? I am in, what my colleague Vanessa Rubino Jubis describes as a ‘writer’s slum.’ As an MFA student, my mind was brimming with ideas, and stories itching to claw their way out of my fragile little mind. I wrote pieces I was immensely proud of, pieces I was shocked were written by me because they were so emotionally charged and entertaining. But once it came time to write my thesis, all the ideas, all the inspiration, all the motivation, were gone. It was as if all the passion and drive I had for writing was sucked out of me by a vacuum cleaner. Just as I was finally able to accept myself as a writer, just when I was comfortable enough to let people know that is what I do, it was all taken from me. How can someone be a writer if they can’t write? I felt like a failure, and I didn’t understand why the passion was gone so suddenly.  I thought perhaps submitting my pieces for publication would be a motivating factor. Most submitted pieces (the better ones anyway) were accepted, and for a moment, I felt like I could shine again. But when I sat down to write, NOTHING! I procrastinated, I delayed, I did everything but write.

It was a friend who convinced me to start blogging so I can share my writing with the world. The fact that she thinks my writing is good enough to share should have been motivation enough, but I didn’t want to start a blog without a concept.  After all, doesn’t every blog need a concept? Well, this evening, something finally sparked in me, and I was desperate to start writing the blog I had been thinking about, and debating about, and dreaming about. My writing brain finally became active, and I felt like I actually had something to say. Perhaps writing down my frustrations could help with my writing. Perhaps I can write about not being able to write, and I can actually write in the process.

I’m sure there are others out there like me. Writers who feel like failures because they want to write, but can’t. Then maybe this blog is for you. Maybe you stumbled upon it by accident, like I started writing it by accident. Sometimes, the best writing can be the ones that are unplanned. So let the accidental blogging begin, and hopefully some intentional ideas will spark.

As my former writing professor would say, “Write on!” Until next time…

The Accidental Blogger



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7 responses to “Let the accidental blogging begin…

  1. vjubis

    Congratulations!! I love your blog and I’m sure that you’ll share wonderful insights and wit with us all.


  2. Dear Accidental,
    I, like you, have decided to blog. I am not a writer, tho. I have to use spell check and I stumble and fumble, hoping to use the right word and correct English. My Mother would have been my proofreader, as she was an English major. But alas, I don’t have her to knock around ideas, so my blog theme is basically the only subject I know and work with; beauty products. I really wish I was a gifted write such as yourself able to express my innermost thoughts on the topics of the day – pop culture, racism, the enviroment, the failing economy, lonliness (something I actually do know something about), health concerns, music and art.Maybe I will just have to satisify that urge with leaving comments here on your blog. Write on! xo JT

  3. tracey

    Write on! Maybe we should do some writing exercises together? I have a slew!

  4. Marie

    Good Luck Accidental Blogger.
    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!

  5. As a fellow writer who has FINALLY joined the Blogging world, I say welcome. I am sort of in the same place and I hope that something may come of this endeavor. I wish you the best of luck and until a later date, I bid you adu


  6. herb

    Happy one year anniversary Accidental Blogger!

  7. The Accidental Blogger

    Hi Herb, thank you for pointing out the one year anniversary of The Accidental Blogger. I can’t believe it went past me and it’s unbelievable that my blog is now one years old!


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