A Writer’s Space: Making Room to Write

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Every writer needs their own personal space to get motivated and start writing. But, when living with someone, it can become increasingly difficult to find that space. Most writers have their own methods when it comes to doing things; whether it be their writing or everyday chores and activities. I have come to learn that creative people in general have a different way of organizing and prioritizing than the average person. Sometimes, this doesn’t sit too well with a non-writer (or non-creative person) sharing the same household.

When I used to live with my parents many moons ago, my mother would constantly complain about my clutter. I would have papers, books, notepads, and coffee cups scattered everywhere. I would love to order books online, and my boxes from Amazon.com would be laying everywhere. The clutter helped me write, and was almost soothing in a way, because it was mine. Amidst the clutter, I saw my writing space, but my mother saw a trash can. It was aggravating for me to place a piece of paper or important notes somewhere, only to have it removed and/or thrown away before I could get back to it. I knew how important having my own writing space was, but with so many people sharing the house, and so much furniture in every room, it was difficult to find a specific space and stick with it.

I had the same problem living with my significant other. Before we moved to a bigger place, my writing station would be on the kitchen table. He would seem to get so aggravated when walking into the apartment and seeing my books and papers everywhere. Just when I had finally gotten things the way I wanted, I would exit the dining area (my writing space) for a minute, before coming back and seeing all my papers and books had been moved to the guest room, away from his view. Like with my mother, as long as the clutter wasn’t visible to him, it was okay. But with not much room to make a space of my own, I didn’t have any options. Alas, I was more frustrated and got bored quickly with my writing.

Now, at a newer and bigger place, I have my own office, and my own desk, and I can clutter it as much as I want. It’s a great feeling and allows me to get creative and think like a writer, rather than restrict myself. This space is all mine, and I can do with it as I please, and keep it as messy (or clean, depending on whether or not we’re having company) as I want. I didn’t think how much a writing space could help creativity until I had one. Now, I know it’s essential for all writers to have a space of their own, otherwise, they won’t be able to write to the best of their ability.

It’s hard for a writer not to have their own space, and probably even harder for a non-writer to live in what they consider ‘our clutter.’ I realize that not every writer has an empty room to use as a writing office; I dealt with that for years. If they do, great, but if not, even a small space will be enough. To all writers out there who need their own space and don’t have extra room for an office: try to find an area that you can block off with a screen, curtain, or partition, so that everyone at home will know you are working when you are in there.

Choose a writing space that is as far from the noise of family life as possible because they’ll do nothing but distract. But make the space your own, and feel comfortable in it. Keep it as messy or clean as you want, as noisy or dark as you want. All you really need is that desk and writing chair, and the time and patience to keep writing.

Find a space to call your own, and write on!

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4 responses to “A Writer’s Space: Making Room to Write

  1. Mariette

    Love this blog! I have a cluttered desk myself, however, I am more creative when it is organized. That’s my thing. Speaking of which, need to finish organizing my office space right now!

  2. One store has eased my overflowing piles of books to “look” more organized. The Container Store. I have various weaved baskets placed in random places around the house. I’ve also done this for my little girls. I need to have books all around me to be creative 🙂 Love this blog!


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