Thoughts on writing, and why we should do it more often


In her book,  If You Want to Write, Brenda Ueland wrote, “everybody is talented, original, and has something to say.” Brenda, a teacher and writer, had the book published in 1938. This is what she believed, and it is very true.

Everybody is talented in one way or another, and we all have our own story to tell and our own unique way of telling it. We are all original because our stories can only be told the way we can tell them. Even twin sisters will have different versions of the same event. And we, as people, will always have something to say. Try not to say anything for 24 hours. It will be difficult, and possibly impossible. We must speak, and for some of us, we must write. Getting those words onto paper is all we know, and we can’t go on without it.

So we write because we have to. There is nothing else that makes us feel whole.

That being said, if you don’t practice –  if you don’t spend the hours, days, years it takes to explore the talent and originality that lives within yourself – you will most likely fail to communicate your story.  A writer should not wait for the muse to strike. They must write regardless, even if they have nothing to say, because something worthwhile will eventually claw its way out.

Writing is quite possibly the only art form in the world, where the artist thinks he can sit in a cafe and smoke a cigarette and hold a conversation with a friend and not write, but still call himself a writer. Then, when the idea does magically appear, they think they will instantly be able to write the great American novel, story, or poem, get published, and be famous. This, my friend, is not how it’s done.

A writer must always be writing. Their writing might not always be good, but they shouldn’t get discouraged about that. I’m sure even Raymond Carver had what Annie Lamott refers to as a “shitty first draft.” The important thing is to keep going, and make that draft better. So, for your own writing journey, get started today – write something right now. Don’t wait for a better time or better idea. NOW is always the best time. Just do it!

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2 responses to “Thoughts on writing, and why we should do it more often

  1. Bird by Bird is probably one of my favorite “writer’s how to” book probably because it was one of the first inspirational book I read as an freshly decided “writer” 🙂 Great post here!


  2. I found you by luck! Will definitely follow!

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