Libraries need love too


As far as I was concerned, public libraries were a thing of the past. In fact, I hadn’t been in one since I was 12 years old and researching a class project. I thought the internet had replaced any need to step foot inside a library again, and use their books for research.  Yet, having recently moved back down the street from one of my favorite childhood locations, I was incredibly curious and decided to visit it today.

Honestly, I felt like a kid in a candy store (pardon the horrendous cliche). I had forgotten what a glorious place the library could be. I was surrounded by books – beautiful, musty, thick, thin, lovely books. There was a whole wall of DVDs, new releases and old, and a huge section on documentary films. Hell, they even had VHS tapes, a sight I never thought I’d see again. And the biggest surprise of all – the space was full of people. It was 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and the library was crowded. I thought the whole world had given up on them, but realized I was the only one.

After spending so much money buying books from Amazon, and renting DVDs from Netflix, it was a pleasure to browse through the library’s extensive collection, and check-out anything I wanted – for FREE! In fact, half my Netflix queue were on the shelves, begging me to take them home. Libraries had become such a thing of the past for me, I had forgotten why I used to love them in the first place.

As a writer, I’m ashamed of myself for ever abandoning my first love. From this day forward, I hearby swear that the public library is no longer a distant memory for me, but a way of the future in this unsure economy.

It feels good to have him back.


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  1. I love libraries. Don’t visit them enough though. But I always (since I was probably 13) have wished to own a library one day.

    And I almost do. All the walls in my home are covered with books and so are all the tables, desks and dressers and even some on the floor. I just love books. I have them in the windowsill, in storage, in the bathroom, on top of the printers, on the sofa, books just seem to grow in my place. 🙂

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