Reading for Inspiration


All writers should read.  We should read new writers, old writers, gay writers, black writers,  male writers, women writers. We should subscribe to literary journals. Pick up books on writing. Scan the best-seller list. Revisit the classics. Read the world. Travel in our minds. Get inspired by the writing of others.

I’ve known a writer or two in my life who say they hate to read, but love to write. This doesn’t make sense to me. What kind of writer can someone be if they don’t read? We need to read our own writing, don’t we, in order to edit and make sure our words sound good? So why not read the writing of others in the process and get inspired for our own work?

On the other hand, I’ve met writers who only read the specific genres they write in, and don’t branch out. This is also not good. It’s important to read all kinds of writing and get acquainted with different voices and writing styles. A writer can find out an enormous amount about themselves by reading and experiencing the lives of others through literature. Reading allows us to see what’s out there, and to get a better perspective on life.

There is nothing like a good book to inspire my own writing. I get a thrill at the thought of opening a new book and immersing myself in its chapters.  This usually allows me to get motivated to continue with my own writing. If we are what we read, then we must read constantly and get inspired continuously.

My advice to all writers stuck on their writing, or even those who just want new ideas: read. Read anything and everything you can, and inspiration will surely strike. Read things you normally wouldn’t, and authors you’re not familiar with. Reading can get creative juices flowing and open our minds to what’s out there. Exploring different worlds that already exist can surely help us create our own.

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