Writing Prompts for the Blocked Writer

About a month ago, I received an email from a friend who desperately wanted to write, but was having a difficult time with it. I was pleasantly surprised when this friend asked me to be her mentor, and give her a series of assignments each week that would get her brain buzzing and her hands writing. I crafted some fun writing prompts that I thought would challenge her to start writing, and keep at it. Each week, I email her a new assignment and she emails me back with fantastic pieces of fiction.

I wanted to include some of those prompts here, for other writers out there struggling to get their words out. Hopefully these will help strike some inspiration and get you writing!

1) Create a scene in which two friends are in love with the same person. One describes his or her feelings honestly while the other is unwilling or unable to do so, but betrays his/her feelings through appearance and action.

2) Choose one of the following topics and create a short story or poem around it:


3) Pick a smell from your childhood/youth that is particularly evocative for you. Describe the smell and what memories it evokes. Try to avoid common smells we’re all familiar with (grandma’s cookies for example) and search your memory for specific smells that bring to mind specific events or people.

4) Choose a piece from a local or international newspaper and write a fictitious story of no less than 250 words, based on one or more people in the article.

5) Think back to your first love. Write a fictional story about that experience.

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