Poster for Le Chapeau

In case you’re a new reader, or haven’t been following my blog as well as you should have, let me explain a little about Le Chapeau. It’s a short film that I wrote and produced for hat designer Bijou Van Ness. It tells the simple story of a photographer’s chance encounter with a woman on a bridge, which leads to a brief romance. The film will also have a condensed website version to showcase the gorgeous hats used in the film. That version will premiere on Bijou’s website this week. Until then, here is the official poster.

I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to comment.

Until next time…

The Accidental Blogger


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One response to “Poster for Le Chapeau

  1. Kuka Ortiz

    I love the pictures and the colors use in this picture (green) It seems this is a very romantic and elegant movie. It shows so much class and elegance something we don’t see that much now a days. Thanks to the writer and producer for doing this movie for Bijou Van Ness. It’s going to be marvelous!! Congratulations Sahag, you are amazing!!!

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