After the MFA

Initially, I started this blog as a way to help motivate me during the thesis process of my MFA program. This blog served as a way to keep me writing, even as I struggled with my thesis. Now, over a year later, it continues to serve as my outlet and allows me the opportunity to share my thoughts on writing and to occasionally post some of my projects. I was certain life after the MFA would be easier, but it’s just as difficult, if not more so.

During the MFA, my biggest concern was being able to write and keeping up with assignments. Now, over 8 months after finishing the program, the concern has become finding a permanent teaching job, continue writing, keep getting published, and looking for an agent. Often, I’ve felt like the struggle wasn’t worth it and I was ready to give up. Then, on a good month, I’d be motivated and encouraged and feel on top of the world. It’s definitely an up and down cycle, but the important thing is to keep going and never give up.

During my times of struggle, I turn to the website, After the MFA, which has helped me realize I am not alone. There are so many people out there, with MFAs, who share my same struggles and concerns. The website has helped in motivating me when I’ve needed it most. Realizing I’m not alone in my feelings is the biggest encouragement of all and a boost of strength to help keep me going.

Having a bad day or even a bad week is not the end of the world as long as we can get up and dust ourselves up afterward. This is a great website to get that encouragement, digest it, and keep striving to reach our goals.

Give it a read!

Until next time,

The Accidental Blogger



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4 responses to “After the MFA

  1. Teresa Buchanan

    As I read your words, “Often, I’ve felt like the struggle wasn’t worth it and I was ready to give up” a smile crosses my face. It is a smile of relief in knowing there are others who know the fight. Thank you, as your words arrived to my eyes at exactly the right time.

    Teresa Buchanan
    Interdisciplinary Studies Major

  2. This is a wonderful post on the struggles and joys of being a writer. I am a big fan of YOU, thank you for being such an inspiration to me as well.


  3. Abimierererge

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  4. This blog has got lots of really useful stuff on it! Cheers for sharing it with me!

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