The Writing Workshop for Dummies

Today I celebrate the publication of my pedagogy paper, The Writing Workshop for Dummies: how the new teacher can mentor first-time writing students, which was recently published by the University of Gloucestershire. I wrote it a few of years ago, during my Creative Writing MFA program at National University, and slightly revised it based on notes from the University.

The paper was one of seven selected and is also available online. It can be read here.

Feedback, as always, is welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “The Writing Workshop for Dummies

  1. Herb

    Bravo! Magnifico! Congratulations, Sahag!
    Job well done…published and in good company. Very proud of your accomplishment. Many thanks for sharing your story.
    In addition to your pedagogy essay, I especially liked Liam Bell’s. During a recent creative writing workshop attended at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA, the instructor presented the “Six Word Short Story”. It was the first time I was acquainted with the method. Of the twenty odd six word short stories I wrote the group liked the following one best: Longing embraces. Gentle caresses. Lights out!

  2. The Accidental Blogger

    Hi Herb, thanks so much for reading the paper!

    Almost a year ago, I blogged about a version of the Six Word Short Story, which I called the Six Word Memoir. I have also heard it referred to as the Six Word Bio. Take a look at the blog and add your own!

    P.S. Your six word short story is fantastic!


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