*Insert Title Here*

As some of you may know, I started work on my first novel as part of National Novel Writing Month in November 2010. While I did not meet the minimum word count, I managed to get a nice start on the manuscript.

The idea for this novel has been swimming around in my head for years and it’s always had the title  ‘Crazy Sue: A Semi-true Novel.”  The plot is a fictionalized account of  my last year as an undergraduate, living with a needy and unstable roommate.

Despite already having settled on a title, my good friend suggested “One Year Lease” as an option. Now, I’m having trouble deciding which title would work best. Luckily, they both sum up the plot fairly well.

I created this poll, the first ever for my website, to help finalize a title for the novel. I added a third option just for fun. The winner will become the final title for the manuscript.



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2 responses to “*Insert Title Here*

  1. Mariette

    Combine the last 2.

  2. I can’t wait to read this one!!

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