A little about ‘The Accidental Blogger’

As much as I love to write about myself, I hate writing a bio about myself. So I’ll make it brief. My name is Sahag Gureghian, and I reside in Los Angeles, Ca. I took my passion for writing to California State University, Northridge, where I received a double BA in Creative Writing and Screenwriting. Recently, I obtained an MFA in Creative Writing – Fiction from National University.

My articles have appeared on Media Bistro and ehow, and Femme Fatale and Cinemafantastique magazines.  My short stories have been published in the Ink-Filled Page, Cynic Magazine, Danse Macabre, The Shine Journal, and the GNU. I served as a Writing Consultant at Los Angeles Valley College and teach English, Literature, Communication and Library Research for the online program at Ashford University.

In addition to my teaching and fiction writing, I wrote and produced a string of independent short films, and the feature For Pete’s Wake! I’m also co-writer and co-producer on ‘Script for Sale,’ a documentary for the Motion Picture and Television Fund about a retired 91 year old Hollywood scenic designer, trying to sell his first screenplay. My latest short film, Le Chapeau, premiered in Hollywood in April 2011.

I started this blog ‘by accident,’ during the thesis process, because I felt my creativity was being restricted and I needed an outlet. I wanted to write, but wasn’t able to. So through this blog, I will document my writer’s journey, as I try my best to get creative and keep writing! I hope to offer writing advice along the way.

I love to hear from my readers, so please comment or email me at theaccidentalblogger@gmail.com


One response to “A little about ‘The Accidental Blogger’

  1. Best of luck with your creativity, per your ‘bio’ above. I came across the article on Maximizing a Writers’ Conference, and had to come by to see who posted that. I’m kind of curious like that. Thanks for sharing.


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