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The Accidental Blogger Returns!

Wow, things have been hectic lately! I can’t believe I’ve taken an (unintentional) break from blogging for the past five months; it seems like only yesterday when I posted pictures of my film premiere. In addition to immersing myself into a job as an academic advisor, I’ve officially become online associate faculty at Ashford University, where I teach English, Communication, Writing and Library Research.

Working two jobs isn’t easy, but I still try to stay involved with my writing. After its Hollywood premiere in April, Le Chapeau had its official festival premiere at Hollyshorts Film Festival in August. My latest short film, Dessert & Suicide,  a comedy about blind dates, is now in post-production. Additionally, I am working on two novels (who knows if I’ll ever finish them), a short story, and have been chosen as one of the writers on Season 2 of an upcoming sci-fi web series, Look Up in the Sky. This is thanks to the amazing producing (and acting) talent of Ashley Cozine.

I hope to update more frequently. Until then, WRITE ON!

The Accidental Blogger

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Le Chapeau premiere

Earlier this month (was it really on April 4th?), I premiered my short film, Le Chapeau, at The Bungalow Club in Hollywood. It was a successful evening and the audience seemed to respond well to the film.

We were very excited about the turnout and anticipate a festival run for the film beginning this Summer.

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Short Story Reading

Just a quick note that I am scheduled to read passages from my short story, Lies My Mother Told Me: A Semi-True Story in 10 Parts,  at the Far West Pop Culture Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. My reading will take place during the Creative Writing Panel on Sunday, March 12th between 9:00am-11am. The event takes place at the Palace Station Hotel.

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*Insert Title Here*

As some of you may know, I started work on my first novel as part of National Novel Writing Month in November 2010. While I did not meet the minimum word count, I managed to get a nice start on the manuscript.

The idea for this novel has been swimming around in my head for years and it’s always had the title  ‘Crazy Sue: A Semi-true Novel.”  The plot is a fictionalized account of  my last year as an undergraduate, living with a needy and unstable roommate.

Despite already having settled on a title, my good friend suggested “One Year Lease” as an option. Now, I’m having trouble deciding which title would work best. Luckily, they both sum up the plot fairly well.

I created this poll, the first ever for my website, to help finalize a title for the novel. I added a third option just for fun. The winner will become the final title for the manuscript.


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Happy Holidays!

Wishing my readers a warm and happy Holiday season. May the New Year brings lots of success and inspiration!

The Accidental Blogger

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Happy Thanksgiving to all the writers out there!

Hope your NaNoWriMo (National Writing Month) novels are coming along smoothly. Gobble up some turkey and get to it before time runs out.

Happy Writing!

The Accidental Blogger

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One year and counting…

Today, I received a comment on my first ever blog for The Accidental Blogger. The reader, Herb, wanted to wish me a Happy One Anniversary for my website. I had not been keeping track of how long I’ve been writing this blog, and frankly, I’m shocked that it’s already been one year since I was an MFA student struggling to finish my thesis, a book of short stories.  I’m happy to report, one year later, I have not given up on this blog and continue to use it as a tool for offering inspiration to other writers,  and posting updates on my own projects. While so many people start a blog and give up quickly, I am ecstatic to have passed the one year mark and hope to continue seeing this blog grow.

In honor of my one year as the Accidental Blogger, I am reposting my first blog, title “Let the accidental blogging begin…”

Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has a blog. Blogging has made it easier for people to communicate with each other, or with the world. Everyone has ideas, and blogs allow people to get down those ideas, and share them, or not.  Some may chose their blogs to stay private, or unknown, or anonymous, but the point is to get thoughts down, and to be as honest as possible about them. Blogs often become more than just an easy way to communicate; they become a way to reflect on life or works of art, and I want in on the action.

I’m joining the blogging world a bit late in the game. I never had anything remotely interesting to blog about, and the thought of sharing my writing with the world was terrifying. So why me, and why now? I am in, what my colleague Vanessa Rubino Jubis describes as a ‘writer’s slum.’ As an MFA student, my mind was brimming with ideas, and stories itching to claw their way out of my fragile little mind. I wrote pieces I was immensely proud of, pieces I was shocked were written by me because they were so emotionally charged and entertaining. But once it came time to write my thesis, all the ideas, all the inspiration, all the motivation, were gone. It was as if all the passion and drive I had for writing was sucked out of me by a vacuum cleaner. Just as I was finally able to accept myself as a writer, just when I was comfortable enough to let people know that is what I do, it was all taken from me. How can someone be a writer if they can’t write? I felt like a failure, and I didn’t understand why the passion was gone so suddenly.  I thought perhaps submitting my pieces for publication would be a motivating factor. Most submitted pieces (the better ones anyway) were accepted, and for a moment, I felt like I could shine again. But when I sat down to write, NOTHING! I procrastinated, I delayed, I did everything but write.

It was a friend who convinced me to start blogging so I can share my writing with the world. The fact that she thinks my writing is good enough to share should have been motivation enough, but I didn’t want to start a blog without a concept.  After all, doesn’t every blog need a concept? Well, this evening, something finally sparked in me, and I was desperate to start writing the blog I had been thinking about, and debating about, and dreaming about. My writing brain finally became active, and I felt like I actually had something to say. Perhaps writing down my frustrations could help with my writing. Perhaps I can write about not being able to write, and I can actually write in the process.

I’m sure there are others out there like me. Writers who feel like failures because they want to write, but can’t. Then maybe this blog is for you. Maybe you stumbled upon it by accident, like I started writing it by accident. Sometimes, the best writing can be the ones that are unplanned. So let the accidental blogging begin, and hopefully some intentional ideas will spark.

As my former writing professor would say, “Write on!” Until next time…

The Accidental Blogger

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‘Script for Sale’ premiere = success

Script for Sale is a tiny film with a lot of heart. I should know, I was one of the co-producers on the project. Much time and passion went into the documentary, which tells the story of Ben Resella, a 91-year old former scenic designer and resident of The Motion Picture and Television Fund, who is trying to sell his first screenplay. The Fund, as its called for short, is a retirement community for the entertainment industry, with the sole purpose of providing assistance to those in need.

I first blogged about the documentary a few days before our June 5th premiere at LA’s Dances with Films festival. The screening was superb, with many residents of the Fund in attendance. The audience laughed and cried at all the right moments. It was a true feeling of togetherness. Following a great Q&A with director Marie Tang, producer Jennifer Clymer, Ben’s granddaughter Emilia Resella, and his mentor, screenwriter Stephen Mazur, was an afterparty at Sushi Dan on Sunset Blvd. It felt like a real sense of community with so much love and support from everyone in attendance.

Some of the 'Script for Sale' team at the Dances with Films Awards Party in Hollywood

Script for Sale has a few more screenings coming up in the next few months, which I am excited about. The Fund will have its own screening on July 14th, the first time the film will be seen there in its final completed form. Can’t wait to share news about that in the coming weeks.

Until next time…

The Accidental Blogger

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The beginning is the end

The first and last lines of any story are the most important. It’s crucial to grab the reader’s attention with a captivating opening, and leave the story resonating in them with a powerful ending.

With that said, I provide my readers with a challenge.

Below are the first lines of famous and not so famous novels. Write a complete short story, of at least two pages, using  ONE of these first lines as the LAST line of your own story. If none of these lines do it for you, use the first line  from your favorite novel instead. This can be quite difficult and I’ve know writers who have had a hard time with it.

Challenge yourself and see what you can come up with:

1 – It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. (Pride and Prejudice)

2 – Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice. (One Hundred Years of Solitude)

3 – Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. (Anna Karenina)

4 – Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested. (The Trial)

5 – The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new. (Murphy)

6 – Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces, I could see them hitting. (The Sound and the Fury)

7 – It was a wrong number that started it, the telephone ringing three times in the dead of night, and the voice on the other end asking for someone he was not. (City of Glass)

8 – The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. (Neuromancer)

9 – Where now? Who now? When now? (The Unnamable)

10 – They shoot the white girl first. (Paradise)

11 – For a long time, I went to bed early. (Swann’s Way)

12 – It was the day my grandmother exploded. (The Crow Road)

13 – It was a pleasure to burn. (Fahrenheit 451)

14 – It was love at first sight. (Catch 22)

15 – The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. (The Go-Between)

16 – Of all the things that drive men to sea, the most common disaster, I’ve come to learn, is women. (Middle Passage)

Write on, and if you succeed, please email your work to!

The Accidental Blogger


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Little Armenia: In Search of Kim Kardashian

Although I started this blog to keep myself motivated to write, I thought I’d do something a little different and post a video I produced for

It stars Perez, Kim Kardashian, and his new reporter, La Coacha, along with some of my family members. The Borat-style mockumentary follows Coacha through Hollywood’s Little Armenia as she tries to track down Kim for an exclusive interview.

Check it out for some laughs, and if you like it, help spread the word!

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