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Le Chapeau premiere

Earlier this month (was it really on April 4th?), I premiered my short film, Le Chapeau, at The Bungalow Club in Hollywood. It was a successful evening and the audience seemed to respond well to the film.

We were very excited about the turnout and anticipate a festival run for the film beginning this Summer.


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Accidental News & Other Stories

When I first started this blog a year and a half ago, my goal was to inspire other writers by writing about writing and offering advice, tips and strategies. In the past few months, I’ve been incredibly busy with numerous projects, and saw my blog evolve into a sort of scrapbook about my own writing (and producing) life. I hope, by recounting my projects, I can convince even one person to follow their own writing path and strive to make their dreams a reality.

While I still have more advice to offer, they will come in due time. For now, I enjoy sharing my accomplishments, goals and fears with others and hope something can be taken away from my own experiences.  It’s hard out there for a pimp writer, so it is important to set goals and work hard to achieve them, never doubting ourselves along the way. Seeing what other writers have accomplished certainly helps. As writers, we know that writing cannot be forced, no matter how often we’re told to write even if we don’t feel like it. In my opinion, a writer should never force something that isn’t there, but when the muse does strike, they need to embrace it.

Here’s some quick advice before I dedicate an entire blog (in the far future) to a specific aspect of writing: During the writing process, use every method possible to get your writing out there and share it with others. Criticism Feedback will do nothing but help improve what is already there. The world is a wealth of information and there are more resources out there than ever. Join a writer’s group and use the feedback to improve your work. You’ll come out a stronger writer and gain followers in the process.

And now, some news: Tonight, I prepare to premiere my short film, Le Chapeau, at the Bungalow Club in Hollywood. We’ve been editing since May, producing a website version and numerous different cuts of the project. It is finally done and ready to screen to the public in the pre-festival premiere. A creative work is always a long process, but sticking with it can be incredibly rewarding. Even when you feel like giving up, DON’T. You’ll kick yourself later and the pain just isn’t worth it.

There’s more exciting news to come about Le Chapeau and other projects, which I will share soon. Until then, here’s a quick clip of the film.

Write on!

The Accidental Blogger


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